This unique experience is open to the general public, expatriates, and tourists visiting Singapore. Have a talk by the Executive Director of Dignity Kitchen along with a tour of the premise. A tapas style meal prepared those who are disadvantaged/disabled will be served to the participants. The Ultimate Dining Experience would last for approximately 2 hours. It also aim to share a uniquely Singapore experience of our hawker food and hawker centre environment.

The proposed schedule would be as follows:

    • Tour of a typical hawker stall
    • Talk on the history of hawker centres circa
    • Taste of local hawker fare
    • Understanding the various types of coffee served at the hawker stall
    • Understanding how a social enterprise like Dignity Kitchen works
    • All participants will be served local hawker fare and beverages in a hawker centre environment followed by a seminar
    • The programme will end with the participants mingling with the hawker students – some of which with disabilities

This program is usually organised on a weekday.

How to participate?

Come and say hi to us, we’d be happy to have a talk. However, if you are a group or tour provider servicing a group of people requiring special guidance about Singapore Hawker History and Dignity Kitchen, we require advance arrangement to suit your plan. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

Ultimate Hawker Dining Experience is for everyone who wants to know more about Singapore local hawker food.

Must I be in group to participate?

While it will be more fun to do it in groups, any individual coming will be welcomed.

Must I make appointment before visiting?

While our place is open for public, certain timings may be a little packed for events and other programs hence if you or your groups would like our staff’s assistance, kindly let us know in advance.