Dignity Kitchen provides entertaining city tours for the elderly and the disadvantaged. The tour brings them around Singapore’s most iconic places that sometimes rekindle nostalgic moments or offers a chance to see them for the first time. At the end of the tour, they are treated to a luncheon at Dignity Kitchen, savouring the delicious food and desserts.

The lunch treats aim to achieve the following:

  • Provide an opportunity for the elderly to be out of their home and explore the outside environment
  • Offer the elderly a decent and wholesome meal
  • To inspire the elderly to lead active and positive lifestyles

You will get to interact with and serve elderly/needy who live in homes or spend their days in care centres. Participants will assume the roles of being volunteers.

Why the elderly and the disadvantaged?

We serve the elderly as most are left to fend for themselves in their silver years and opportunities for outings are few and far between.
We serve the disadvantaged especially the low income groups as most do not have the financial means to head out to have a well-balanced meal.

The lunch treat for elderly creates a platform where:

  • The disabled students get to cook for the elderly and the disadvantaged
  • The elderly and the disadvantaged are inspired by the fact that people with disabilities are cooking their lunch
  • Organisations and individuals alike get to do Social Responsibility work through sponsorships of the lunch treats

Dignity Kitchen aims for everyone who visits us to experience the enrichment exercises of the lunch treats. This raises awareness of the elderly situation in Singapore and creates a appreciation for the many luxuries most of us have access to.

What is the itinerary for the lunch treat?

Approximately 40 elderly are invited every day for a lunch treat at Dignity Kitchen. We will seek sponsorship to cover the cost of the lunch treat. Find out how you can sponsor at Sponsor Dignity Kitchen page. Advance arrangement is necessary. Please read the FAQ section below and feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

The schedule would be as follows:
1130– Bus to pick elderly/needy from the home/care centre for a city tour
1200 – Arrival of the elderly for lunch at Dignity Kitchen
1210 – A drink, meal and dessert is served for the elderly/needy. Entertainment will be offered by the volunteers (Optional. A karaoke system will be provided). Volunteers are encouraged to take part and also join the elderly for their meal
1315 – Elderly return to their home/care centres. Volunteers to help the elderly board the transport. End of Program and Debrief.
The above program can be organised on a weekday or during the weekend.

Some organizations that have sponsored lunch treats include BP Shipping Singapore, Molly’s, Barclays Bank, Kee Song Brothers, Jian Huang Group of Companies, COURTS Singapore and several individuals.

Some of the beneficiaries who have experienced dining at Dignity Kitchen include – Lions Befrienders, Toa Payoh Family Service Centre, MINDS, and METTA homes, Care Corner (various), St Luke’s Eldercare (various), Then Mun Wah Home, Moral Homes (various), APEX home, Sun Love Abode, amongst others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the commonly asked questions about Lunch Treat for The Elderly below.

What are the itinerary and the duration of the luncheon?

Starting from about 11 am or as per pre arranged.
The outing will last around 2 to 3 hours as per the itinerary below:

  • Transport will pick up the participants from the centre/nursing home. A mini city tour would be arranged for (E.g Around Marina Bay Sands, Marina Barrage and Orchard Road, Chinatown). The elderly would not be alighting from the bus.
  • Lunch will be served at Dignity Kitchen.
  • Transport will send the participants back to the centre/nursing home.
Is there a ramp to access Dignity Kitchen and are there toilet facilities?

Yes, there is a ramp, lift and escalator leading to Dignity Kitchen and there are toilets located within the premise as well.

Have you special purpose vehicles for wheel chair bound participants?

Unfortunately, we do not have them. However our coach is a 40 seater air conditioned with a staging area that can hold up to 15 folded wheel chairs.

Can you fit our group on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays?

We would be able to host the elderly during weekends. Dignity Kitchen would be closed during the public holidays.

Do we need to book in advance?

Yes, due to the high demand for this participating in this social outreach program and for logistical purposes.

Are caregivers and staff allowed to partake in the luncheon?

We actively welcome caregivers and staff to attend as part of their relentless and selfless contributions.

What is the total number of participants can be invited?

We encourage different groups at different days so that the outing will enhance their experience of the luncheon, hence their enjoyment will be truly maximised and also the interaction amongst participants and trainees will truly reflect our efforts in the pursuance of our objectives. Hence the limit is 40.

Who provides the transportation?

Dignity Kitchen currently works with an external transport vendor who assists to arrange transport to and fro our venue in the form of a 40-seater bus.


Are you keen on sponsoring one or more of the Lunch Treats for the Elderly? Treat one ore more elderly now by visiting Sponsor Dignity Kitchen website, a simpler and easier way to contribute, we accept payment via Paypal.

If you have questions or need more info about Lunch Treats for the Elderly, call us at +65 8189 7678 or drop us an e-mail at enquiry@projectdignity.sg.

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