This is a bonding exercise whereby families/colleagues come together on a hawker stall platform, learn to whip up hawker food with the guidance of our trainers and ultimately sell the food to their family members / colleagues.  You will also learn to appreciate the challenges of the disabled manning the hawker stall and also experience a day in the life of a hawker. This program would be merged with Program C of Lunch Treat for the Elderly, where meals prepared by the participants would be served to old folks who visit Dignity Kitchen for their meal treat for the day.

The programme is as follows:

  1. Participants arrive and given a briefing in food hygiene and kitchen safety. They are issued with aprons.
  2. Allocation of food stalls – where the trainer will guide them through the recipe but preparation is solely done by the participants.
  3. Upon preparation, they are given a float to commence the sale of the food.
  4. They will act as the hawker and perform all duties as per thus i.e. serving, collection of funds etc.
  5. Upon the finish of the allocated time, they will then clean up the stall and have it ready to commence business for the next day.
  6. A short review of the day’s activities.

Each team would consist of 4 to 6 members. The group of participants will be divided into teams and attached to each stall:

  • Bakery – Muffins/ Cookies
  • Malay Food – Nasi Lemak/ Mee Siam (reserved for Muslims only)
  • Beverages – Coffee/Tea
  • Western Food – Chicken Chop/Fish and Chips
  • Noodles – Bak Chor Mee/ Fishball Noodles
  • Economic Rice – Fried and stir fried dishes

Note: The stall is subject to availability and may be changed.

A typical schedule would be as follows:
0900 – Briefing and teams allocation
0910 – Stalls assignment and instruction by trainers.
0915 – Food preparation involves all members of the team
1200 – Start ‘Lunch Treat for the Elderly’ program. Serve the elderly drinks and food.
1330 – End of elderly meal treat
1335 – Clean up (Some of your participants will help with the cleaning up of the kitchen).
1400 – End of Program and Debrief.

This program is usually organised on a weekday.

Join the fun, discover the “ingredients” running hawker business !

Contact us for details on how to participate in this program. See captured moments from previous group below.