The main objective of this activity is to understand the challenges of the disabled/disadvantaged through interactive games. We aim to dispel the myth amongst most of us that the disabled are not capable of learning a skill. It also reinforces the idea amongst individuals (young and old) that the disabled are just like any other people persevering on with life. If we educate ourselves today on people with disabilities, the generations of tomorrow will have no issues working with people who are disabled. This is the essence of the program.

Participants of the program will learn about disability through games, singing, and solving puzzles. The group of participants will be divided into a few teams where they would then each face a series of team building games.
Example of stations:

  1. Name Signing without Using Voice. The team will learn how to sign their names using international sign language from an individual who has impaired hearing.
  2. Art on Dessert. The team will decorate a serving of pulut hitam (black glutinous rice porridge) dessert using coconut milk with guidance from an intellectually challenged.
  3. Cups Stacking. The team will challenge a physically disabled individual to stack cups.
  4. Peeling of Potatoes. The team will challenge an elderly person in the activity of peeling potatoes.

Note: The actual number of stations to be set up may vary as it depends on the number of participants.
Each station will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

The proposed schedule is as follows:
Arrival (H-Hour) – Briefing on rules and split into teams
H-Hour + 15 minutes – Games start
H-Hour + 1 hour 30 minutes – End of Program and Debrief.
The above program can be organised in the morning or afternoon of a weekday.

Program Highlights

  • Fortifying  awareness that disabled people are equal members of our society
  • Educating participants with various communication methods used by disabled people
  • Exercising creativity within a social environment

Program Enrollment

If you are keen on participating, do not hesitate to contact us by email ( or phone (+65 8189 7678). Schools and organisations which have benefitted from this learning journey include:

– Raffles Institution

– Civil Service College

– Xin Min Secondary School

Check out snapshot from previous events below (click to enlarge).

Working With Disabled Is Also For Everyone

Dignity Kitchen programs are flexible for everyone who wants to enjoy food while interacting with disabled and disadvantaged people. Get in touch with us if you are keen to have your own group session with us.