Since its inception in October 2010, Dignity Kitchen is Singapore’s first hawker training school for disabled and disadvantaged people. In our modern society, the handicapped and elderly are face greater challenges when competing in the job marketplace. We give on-the-job training and place our graduates in jobs so that they can have hope for better futures, better lives and better opportunities to be successful in their own right.

We operate a fully functional, regular food court that is open to the public. The interactive experience created by the dynamic environment between the public and our students, allows for the enhancement of educational values.

Our mission is “To build and return the dignity to the disadvantaged and disabled through vocation with passion“.

Photo Credit: The Straits Times, 23 Nov 2012

Programs at Dignity Kitchen are aligned with the following key initiatives:

  • Creating a platform for hawker training: The school within premise of occupying learning stalls space and a classroom lessons.
  • Educating the hawkers: Lectures and seminars conducted by trainers and well qualified professional for trainees.
  • Lunch Treat for the Elderly: Elderly from various aged homes and activities centres are invited for city tours and followed by lunch treat.
  • Working With The Disabled: A platform in educating the youth through interaction with the handicapped. Educate the youth of today and the adult of tomorrow will be comfortable in working with the handicapped.
  • Hawker for the day: Learn and experience of running a hawker stall together with your group. Creating meaningful interactions between our trainees and a group of people while having bonding exercise.

Braille markings are installed at food stalls including cash register for the blind. Height-adjustable counter tops for wheelchair-bound. Labels for each food storage, delivery services.
We continually think and discover creative ways to help trainees, financially sustain this effort, even getting our graduates placed. We are strongly encouraged by many noble people and organisations who contribute to this cause.

Extensions At Dignity Kitchen

Having faced by different kind of challenges that may not be solved with kitchen-related methods, Dignity Kitchen’s Founder Koh Seng Choon has since 2013 started with unique ideas to help parents with disadvantaged children. These include Dignity Mama Stall and Dignity Art Gallery.

Dignity Kitchen’s Journey

Dignity Kitchen Version 1

Dignity Kitchen Version 1 (DK1) in Balestier Road was only 3 stalls and it was a test bed or pilot for testing the concept of Dignity Kitchen. Is it possible for challenged and disadvantaged individual to be trained and earned a living as a food stall operator?
DK1 allows us to innovate and implement ideas and concepts such as:

  • Training visually challenged to be cashier
  • Training hearing impaired to sell food
  • Elderly city tour and lunch treat concept
  • Educational outreach program to schools and corporations
  • Children activities with disadvantaged, and many more

Dignity Kitchen Version 2

Dignity Kitchen Version 2 (DK2) in Kaki Bukit View was 14 stalls. It is the implementation stage and also aim to create public awareness of the Dignity Kitchen concept. Without implementation and public awareness the concept of Dignity Kitchen will be challenging. It developed further from DK1:

  • Achieved publicity in major newspapers, television, magazine and social media both in Singapore and aboard
  • Over 20,000 free city tour and lunch treat twice every day for elderly and needy
  • School (over 100 schools and institutions) and corporate outreach for government agencies to multi national corporations (including 16 of the Fortune 500 corporations)
  • Introduce the Dignity Mama stalls for intellectually challenged youth to sell used books
  • Introduce the bird’s nest cleaning for physically challenged
  • Develop the training program for the disabled based on MBA curriculum
  • Develop the WDA WSQ national program for hawker training in Singapore
  • Innovate one hand noodle cooking equipment, pictorial point-of-sale machine and many more.

There were more challenges in DK2 than DK1.

Dignity Kitchen Version 3

Dignity Kitchen Version 3 is located in Serangoon area which is closer to the neighborhood and various public transports like MRT and bus interchange. This current premise also used together as training classes conducted by Project Dignity.

You can stay in touch with our learning and happenings for Dignity Kitchen and Project Dignity by following or liking us on Project Dignity Facebook Page.